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Rebecca Reser,
Principal Consultant

Rebecca Reser is an accomplished innovator and management consultant with expertise in enterprise transformation, corporate strategy, human-centered design, agile leadership, omnichannel technology, and operational excellence.

Rebecca is on a mission to bring cross-functional teams together, spreading inspiration and laughter along the way as they work to build trust, solve problems, and deliver value that’s aligned with human needs, market opportunities, business goals, and social aspirations.

Industry Expertise

Investments & Advice

From digital advisors to white glove wealth management, self-directed trading to bots and crypto, Rebecca has experience researching, designing, and building investment and advice solutions to meet the needs of every segment of the retail investment space

Retail Banking

Rebecca has a profound grasp of the global retail banking industry having created and driven a $200MM transformational omnichannel strategy for a Fortune 100 retail bank that increased personalization, mobility, automation, experience quality, and operational efficiencies

Emerging Tech

As an innovator and futurist, Rebecca is dedicated to being out front and helping enterprises position themselves appropriately in emerging opportunity spaces by navigating them through the implications, risks, and rewards of frontiers such as AI, FinTech, and Web3


From life and health to property and casualty, Rebecca has facilitated multi-billion dollar strategic transformation and systems modernization efforts in the insurance space to include product innovation, policy admin, servicing, claims, and catastrophe operations


Even the most brilliant strategy will not succeed without leaders and teams who understand it, believe in it, and take ownership for supporting each other to deliver it with excellence. This is why to create and execute strategies that bring sustainable competitive advantages, it is critical to take an approach that provides vision for what success looks while building trust, transparency, alignment, and accountability along the way.

Consulting Services

With over 10 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur, consultant, and strategist with training from Bain, McKinsey, and Stanford’s d School, Rebecca has a proven track record of creating strategic and operational clarity, stakeholder alignment, differentiated experiences, and highly performant ecosystems in the businesses she works with by providing the following services:


Industry Research & Benchmarking

Generate strategic insights and create a basis for shared understanding of your greatest internal and external opportunities in terms of your competitors, customers, prospects, employees, sales, and operations

Cross-Functional Ideation & alignment

Unlock the power of the enterprise by building trust, sharing diverse perspectives, and inspiring cross-functional alignment around your internal and external landscape, opportunities, vision, and priorities

Strategic Problem solving & planning

Frame, innovate, prototype, de-risk, and validate solutions to your greatest priorities and then map them into your strategic plan to effectively work across functions and bring them to market at scale

Operating Model Design

Create and execute a modern operating model to enable your enterprise to drive accountability, agility, risk management, compliance, and superior performance, and to ultimately deliver on your strategic transformation

Tailored Deliverables
To Meet Your Needs

Insight Summary

Provide a basis for business cases and game changing insight, this document stems from a variety of sources, including your key stakeholders, competitive benchmarks, and voice of the customer trends

Strategic Plan

Unite your partners around a well-defined vision, value streams, critical problems to solve, management routines, objectives and key results (OKRs), and key risks to align and deliver strategic transformation with accountability

Personas & Journey Maps

Define key users, their explicit needs and implicit desires, as well as their target state journey maps to elucidate the why, what, and how of your experiences and inform emotionally and behaviorally intelligent solutions

Capability Roadmap

Define, prioritize, and assign accountable parties to capability gaps (be they skills, processes, data, or technology), key risks, and dependencies to responsibly manage a vital layer of depth in capital expenditure

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