Day 1 of the Website Feng Shui Challenge!

Today’s challenge is simple.

Take a deep breath and imagine that your website is a beautiful building. It could be an office or store – your choice. Now imagine every page on your website is a room. Every text link is a window. Every button is a door.

Today your challenge is to go for a walk through every room in your digital building to make sure that all of the windows and doors are visible and opening properly.

What do I mean by this? Basically you are going to walk through page by page on your website and look for the following 2 things.

1. Check to see if there are any broken windows or doors

This is pretty simple. You basically just to check to see if each link (button or simple text link) is opening to the correct url. Hint: when you hover your mouse over a link, you should be able to see the url of that link in the bottom left corner of your browser.

2. Check the “locks” on all of the windows and doors

Outbound links or links that go to another, different website should definitely open in new tab. This makes sure that the last page they were on on your website is still open in another tab on their browser so they can return at anytime. In general, I recommend minimizing the opportunity for visitors to leave your website for another website.

Any normal links that simply direct your web visitors to another page on your website should definitely open in the same tab. This ensures that your web visitors have a smooth visit through your website without any disruptive/unexpected jumps into a tab for no apparent reason.

So that is it for day 1’s challenge. Even if you can move through even just the most popular pages on your website checking for broken windows, doors, and locks, you will be on your way to better website feng shui!

Your personal website feng shui consultant,

Rebecca Reser

PS Feel free to comment below if you have any questions or if you find any discoveries you made on your walk through. I’d love to hear from you!

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